I am aware that yoga is a physical practice that promotes healing and is meant to balance the body, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. I certify my understanding, and am aware that my instructor does not diagnose physical or emotional aliments, and is not a substitute for a qualified medical doctor or therapist. I also understand that my instructor does not administer medications nor offer medical advice. I will seek assistance from a qualified doctor or therapist for physical or emotional ailments before practicing yoga. I am voluntarily participating in the practice, and am healthy to be participating in such activities. I understand that yoga could cause injury to any/all body parts if not executed with caution to my personal limitations. In these uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand that MAJA Reborn YOGA and Maja Re Jasniewicz are following all state and local government guidelines regarding the virus and cannot be held liable for passing nor contracting COVID-19. I, the Student, assume full responsibility for any injury or illness, and fully understand that I am practicing at my own risk. Understanding all of the above – I, the Student, hereby hold MAJA REborn YOGA and Maja Re Jasniewicz as harmless and release MAJA Reborn YOGA and Maja Re Jasniewicz from any/all responsibility resulting from my yoga practice. By electronically writing my name below, I am agreeing to all of the above. *