Spiritual Design

With over 20 years of experience in design, art, and interior architecture, Maja can help you create the space you’ve been dreaming of! From designing yoga retreat centers all over the world, to creating dedicated healing spaces for yoga in your office, she is here to support you.


Does your space feel heavy, negative, or filled with stagnant energy?

Using Reiki, which is a form of healing energy, Maja can lift and completely remove any heavy, negative, and/or stagnant properties at the energetic level that may have taken over a space. Maybe you just moved, maybe you went through a breakup, or maybe the energy in your space feels just a bit off. This energetic clearing will not only clear and promote the well being of your space, but also of your energetic connection to it. When an in person meeting cannot be arranged, it is also available through a distance session. This extremely powerful healing modality can be shared without being physically present in the same room where you are sending reiki. Reach out for more details!


Does your office have a dedicated place to heal?

After spending almost half her life working in the Corporate world, Maja learned that when working day in, day out in the same space, we need not only time, but also space to heal, to be the most productive versions of ourselves. Often times, our schedules do not allow for fitness, nor yoga classes outside of work. This is why having a dedicated space in your office is so important for the lives we live. If you work in an office that doesn’t have a dedicated area, we are here to help you. Maja aids in the redesign of offices to accommodate all your staff, as well as creating a much needed healing space. Reach out for more details!



Combining her love of architecture with yoga.

After working in the corporate design world Maja, took to designing sustainable, eco-friendly, yoga retreat centers. Through designing these centers all over the world, she has been able to blend her two worlds of yoga and design. Her designs play with space, melding inside and outside in unique ways, creating these much needed healing centers. Looking for someone who specializes in yoga retreat center design? Do you want to get involved with one of our existing projects? Reach out for more information!