Reiki is a form of healing energy that can promote deep physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual well being. When an in person meeting cannot be arranged, it is also available through a distance reiki session. Reiki is an extremely powerful healing modality and can be shared without physical touch, and without being physically present in the same room as the individual sending you reiki. Each session starts with some insightful book readings to get the conversation going about what you may want to work on. Breathwork is incorporated into the beginning of the sessions to prepare and open you up for deep healing. Being a Libra myself, I am drawn to, and focus on chakra alignment + balancing + body communication. This allows and awakens the recipient’s abilities for deeper inner communication. Sometimes we get stuck and are not allowing our internal communication to flow within our own bodies, and we just need a re-awakening. Reiki has brought me so much healing in my own life, and I have a strong desire to share this gift with the world. I also offer vision paintings as an optional part of the session. My experiences with Reiki have been highly visual. I see visions that have allowed my recipients the opportunity for deeper healing, and to walk through life with grace, clearer direction, and a reminder of how beautiful life is. Check out some of my visions HERE. Sound interesting? Book your private session today! REACH OUT regarding details.