Corporate Wellness


Are you looking to improve your office moral and have employees who show up as the best version of themselves? Coming from the Corporate world myself, I understand first hand the stress that comes with a strict all day schedule. Is there an open business park area near your office and you wish there was yoga offered there? Want to learn to work more effectively together as a team? Planning your next Wellness Event?

I have found that bringing a form of exercise directly to employees encourages them to get up from their desk and move. Yoga is both a relaxing form of exercise, and a fantastic workout. It improves not only  the well being of the employees, but also boosts productivity, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, increases energy, improves posture, boosts immune system function, sharpens concentration, boosts mood, improves mental clarity, improves overall health, and improves sleep quality. Incorporating yoga into the office will benefit not only the employee, but also the company they work for. REACH OUT to learn more about how I’m helping companies build stronger, more productive, happy, healthy teams!

Don’t have a dedicated space for Yoga and wish you did?

Maja can help you make that dream a reality!


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