This breathing process is executed by breathing only with your mouth deep into your stomach past your diaphragm, up into your chest and out your mouth. This breath allows us to connect to our deeper selves, and allows us to work through deeply tangled and rooted issues that we may not even be consciously aware of in our everyday lives. It moves us out of our fight or flight brain, and into our deep processing brain, relieving us of any unresolved issues stuck in our bodies, and allowing us to live more enlightened lives.

Breathwork Teacher Training August 19-21 2022

AUGUST 19TH – 21ST 2022

Friday, August 19th : 6PM – 9PM

Saturday, August 20th : 11AM – 5PM

Sunday, August 21st : 11AM – 5PM


What is Breathwork
Two Stage Pranayama
The Science Behind the Breath
Connecting Beyond Ourselves
Understanding Chakras
Developing Your Teaching Style 

Trainees will also have the option to earn an additional 100 HOUR TRAINING upon completion of the 15 hour Teacher Training.

Training will occur in person @_reknewhouse_ in Costa Mesa, CA.

*Exact location will be shared upon registering for Training.


EARLY BIRD RATE: $888 (use code: EARLYBIRD at checkout ~ discount valid through 7/28/22)

REGULAR RATE: $1,111 (must be paid in full by 8/5/22)

*payment options available, please reach out for details.

*training must be paid in full by 8/5/22.

FREE Breathwork Class followed by a Breathwork Training Q+A


in Costa Mesa, CA

July 5th // 6:30 – 8PM

*Exact location shared upon saving your spot